Thierry Verneulen and Jos Vertstappen racing together with Exxaero

Exxaero is proud to announce to be the sponsor of Thierry Vermeulen and Jos Verstappen! Together with Jos Verstappen and Thierry Vermeulen (son of Raymond Vermeulen, manager of Max & Jos Verstappen), GP Elite will perform in the @carreracupbenelux. With the racing blood and experience in the family of the Verstappen’s we are sure that Jos will take Thierry under his wing and guide him step by step to a beautiful race career, just like Jos did with Max. We are very happy and excited to be part of this amazing adventure, where experience races together with new talent!
Be sure to follow @josverstappen7 and @v__thierry during their races. We are ready to fly over the circuit!


Be sure to watch the sponsor video of Thierry and Jos together with Exxaero: