Aircraft Sale & Purchase

EXXAERO experience

At EXXAERO we do not offer a brokerage service. What we offer is a full consultancy that starts with understanding your requirements, your ambitions.

We assist you by providing a thorough analyses of the various options open to you, considering aircraft types, operating costs, "earn in" potential and maintenance projections. We may well recommend that you do not buy an aircraft considering the many charter oppertunities open to you.

Should you decide to proceed with a purchase, we will thoroughly research the market and agree a strategy with you designed to ensure that the best aircraft is obtained at the most advantageous terms and conditions.

We will conduct negotiations on your behalf and because of our extensive experience we are likely to be able to present you with an excellent aircraft at a favourable price. EXXAERO executives have been closely involved in over fifty aircraft transactions over the past decade.

Legal assistance in drawing up purchase and escrow agreements are also part of our service.

Other than aircraft brokers we have the organisation and infrastructure to arrange for crewing, registration in the jurisdiction of choice, arrange for maintenance contracts and airworthiness certification.

A turnkey service, a turnkey solution.

Taking the possibilities of our support one step further, we are a licensed aircraft operator and an approved maintenance management company. As such we offer a full aircraft management service.

Finally, should you decide to sell your aircraft we are equally well placed to obtain the most value for you considering prevailling market conditions. Our large client base may even offer advantageous off-market oppertunities.