Management of your private plane

Renting a privatejet also requires the proper management

An aircraft is a very valuable asset. To preserve that value your aircraft needs to be expertly managed and maintained.

Do you wish your aircraft to be exclusively managed for your own personal or corporate needs, or is your preference to reduce the cost of ownership through a carefully managed commercial chartering program in which your asset earns its keep?

In either case, EXXAERO is the partner that will make aircraft ownership a uniquely rewarding experience.

And we will be accountable:

Sophisticated accounting systems are in place at EXXAERO that allow owners to have real time, online, access to all the financial data relative to his or her aircraft.

Regular reporting and forecasting in strict accordance with each clients individual needs forms an integral part of the accountability process.

We take pride in assuming responsibility!


  •  Offer an experienced, highly qualified, professional crew
  •  Provide flight operations services worldwide
  •  Assume the responsibility for continuous crew training at highest industry standards
  •  Develop a maintenance program, select authorised service centers
  •  Project the financial resources required to keep your aircraft in a first class condition technically and cosmetically
  •  Modify your aircraft to conform to your very own personal livery, inside and out, adding electronic systems to enhance safety or comfort, most everything is possible
  •  Arrange hangar space at the airport of your choice
  •  Achieve direct savings on fuel as a result of our high volume contracts
  •  Offer substantially lower insurance rates under our very advantageous fleet policy
  •  Increase our aircraft owners flexibility through aircraft interchanges within the fleet
  •  Offer concierge and valet services

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