Private jet experience

Fly first class in your own private jet


  • Charter Service Open or Close

    EXXAERO aims to be the ultimate Private Jet Charter company and offers charter flights from almost anywhere to almost everywhere.

    Our captive fleet covers a large variety of modern business jets. A short hop across the continent or a long intercontinental flight: we will schedule the aircraft optimally suited to your requirements.

    Where alternatives are available we will offer these to you highlighting operational and budgetary merits.

    Whether you are a conductor of an enterprise or orchestra, a DJ or a band, a family or business associates, let us take you there!

    Call us anytime, never mind the lateness of the hour, or make use of the online quotation request form. Contact us and we will get back to you as quick as we can.


  • Comfort Open or Close

    Our aircraft are the most comfortable in their class. The service second to none. With a capacity to carry 5 to 19 passengers, each offers the passenger discrete luxury, excellent inflight catering, sanitary facilities end even sleeping accomodation on the larger types.

  • The private jet experience Open or Close

    Some experiences cannot be purchased with an air travel ticket.

    You decide the time, the airport closest to your final destination, whether you need to amend your schedule because your meetings need to continue for just a bit longer. You divide the service that is best suited to your requirements. The hospitality on board, the origin and destination hotel and car services, making your wishes into an effective and rewarding experience is our goal.

    • Arrive five minutes before a flight,
    • Have three meetings in three cities in one day,
    • No queues, no stressful transfers, a crew assisting you in any way they can.

    Discrete meetings with your associates on the way to an important business event, saving time and expense in efficient comfort. Taking your pet with you on holiday, leisurely enjoying your wine above the clouds, giving you and your family and friends an experience that does make a difference,

    And if you so wish that experience does not have to end when you land. Let us arrange your car or helicopter transfer, book your favorite restaurant and hotel. In addition we can assist in meeting your special health and mobility or security needs. Discretely and effectively.





  • Efficiency Open or Close

    Your time is valuable. We will ensure that it is not wasted by waiting, cumbersome check-in procedures and gates that are miles away.

    Arrive shortly before your flight, meet your crew and proceed to your aircraft.

    Have meetings in three cities in a single day, conduct business on the way, extend hospitality, an EXXAERO flight is an effective business tool.


  • Service Open or Close

    Your crew will be welcoming you with a smile and will do everything possible to make your flight a comfortable, luxurious experience. On longer flights an air hostess may assist them.

    Should you want to enjoy a culinary meal prepared by an excellent chef accompanied by world class wines of your choice, nearly everything is possible on board of an EXXAERO flight.

    Our service need not end once you leave the plane. Let us book your limousine, car or helicopter, reserve your favorite hotel suite or that special table at your favorite restaurant.

    In case you would benefit from special health care or security arrangements, please let us be of service.



  • Safety Open or Close

    EXXAERO is proud to be holder of the EASA/Dutch CAA "Air Operator Certificate". As such we are in fact a real airline.

    EXXAERO is also a recognized "CAMO" * organisation which entitled us to control our aircraft's maintenance and airworthiness programs. Our maintenance management department is qualified to control a wide range of aircraft ensuring their optimal technical condition and safety.

    At EXXAERO we pride ourselves to have highly skilled and very experienced pilots and crew. Our training programmes are second to none. Frequent simulator based continued education keeps our officers "fit" to fly you to your destination safely and expeditiously even when conditions are challenging.

    Our organisation complies with the most stringent requirements governed by the governing aviation authorities.

    (* Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisation)